Where are you investing talent dollars today?

Better intelligence from your assessments

employee assessment experts - know your candidates

Know your candidates

Put the right people in the right positions and avoid costly hiring mistakes

employee assessment experts - know your teams

Know Your Teams

Improve team synergy and communication to build winning teams

employee assessment experts - know your risk

Know Your Risk

Use accurate and validated assessments to reduce employee-related costs and liabilities

employee assessment experts - know your jobs

Know Your Jobs

Identify and measure the attributes of your top performers and drive organizational excellence

employee assessment experts - know your leaders

Know Your Leader

Identity, develop and retain top leadership talent to grow your organization

employee assessment services



By partnering with the best assessment and talent management companies, we offer our clients powerful solutions to help them transform how they select and manage talent.


We provide your managers and leaders with the tools to consistently excel in their roles and make better decisions.


Great leaders have great coaches—invest in enhancement for yourself and attain superior success and achievement.

Team Building

With the right team building, the members of your team share common goals and mutually understand requirements for achievement.

Message From The CEO

Tatyana St. Germain, Founder and CEO

I am passionate about the success of your people. I have helped over 1000 organizations select, develop and retain their staff. Being an expert at understanding human behavior at the workplace and solving complex people problems is one of my greatest skills. I will help your company make smarter people decisions and increase your team’s effectiveness. Contact me directly to start a conversion and improve the effectiveness of your people.

Tatyana St. Germain, Founder and CEO

The Great People Management Process

1 plan


Understand what success looks like in every job position

2 Assess


Data-Driven insights help make informed talent decisions

3 choose


Compare candidates to your top performer’s traits

4 Engage


Go beyond the hire with customized reports to onboard, coach and develop great people that are a fit for the job


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