About Us

At Great People Management, led by Tatyana St. Germain, we are behavioral assessment experts, management consultants and executive coaches. We help organizations and individual leaders achieve greater results and reduce costs by assisting them in optimizing their people—at every level —from Receptionist to CEO.

What makes us different?

Our customized approach

Our data-driven talent management solutions help organizations hire smarter, and engage employees fully to create high-performing cultures that drive results. Every organization and every position is unique. We start by understanding your needs and goals, and then arm you with accurate, objective, and reliable data to hire, manage and retain great employees.

Tools that help you know your people on a deeper level

We’ve taken the guesswork out of what makes a great employee. Through our precision assessments, you can measure how your top performers do the work. You can then reliably predict success in all positions, and ensure that you hire the right people for the right jobs every time.

Actionable insights from hire to retire

Whether you’re filling an open position, building an effective team, identifying talent gaps, or developing your leaders, our suite of assessment solutions, coaching services, and expert insights will help you fuel the growth of your people and your business.

Why should we work together?

People are the foundation of every business—and we help you optimize your people for greater results. Our expertise lies in helping you select and develop excellent personnel.

We should talk if:

  • You’re hiring, coaching or developing employees and leaders
  • Your company is downsizing, and you need help identifying the most productive employees
  • Your company is growing or you are opening a new location, and you want to replicate the success you’ve enjoyed so far
  • You want to get it right the second and successive times
  • You’re always innovating and want to be the first to incorporate the latest tools available to crush the competition

What we don’t do:

  • We do not offer recruiting services
  • We do not provide HR consulting or staffing
  • We do not do background checks
  • We do not work with status quo organizations
Our expertise lies in helping you select and develop great people, as well as growing your leaders through transformative coaching.