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At Great People Management we exist to empower leaders with information they need to make better, more informed, more inspired human decisions about careers, job fit, culture, promotions, succession, leadership development and more.

This is why we are tirelessly searching to build strategic partnerships, not just with our clients but also other firms that provide solutions and services to help mid-sized  and large businesses thrive and get stronger: Consulting and Staffing companies, Industry and Management Associations, Business and HR Advisories, and other Professional Services Firms.

Here are some of the reasons why we should get to know each other:

  • We want to be a resource to our clients, and we refer a lot of business to our network partners

  • Our tools and services can be a value-add to the solutions you are providing to your clients

  • We have an easy and rewarding referral program

Areas of our expertise:

Psychometric Assessments
Job Fit, Culture Fit & Talent Selection
Executive Coaching
Leadership Development
Team Development
360 Leadership
Talent Retention & Succession
Onboarding & Career Pathing

Our differentiators:

  • Integrity & Non-Nonsense
  • Customized Solutions
  • Measurable Results
  • Reduce HR Costs
  • Actionable Insights for Leaders
  • Scalability & Ease of Use
  • High Quality & Reliability
  • US DOL Compliance
  • Technology & Data Security

If you think one of these areas may be interesting to you or your clients, let’s talk!