Case Studies

Abiomed Case Study

PXT helps improve hiring efficiency, identify candidates that possess critical success factors and increase the odds of making a good hiring decision

Bard Medical Case Study

PXT created a fingerprint for top, bottom and average performers and helped increase annual sales per sales representative 28%

Brickstreet Insurance Case Study

PXT decreased employee turnover within 12 months by 50% and reduced management turnover by 41%, as well as increased efficiency, performance, and job satisfaction

Public HR Staffing
Case Study

Publicly traded HR Staffing company used PXT and Checkpoint 360 to reduce turnover from 600% to 9%, saved $5 million in recruitment costs and experienced 500% increase in average sales per representative, from $300,000 to $1.8 million per sales rep

Darling’s Auto
Case Study

Family-owned Auto Group used PXT to restructure the hiring process and improve selection, interviewing and training, resulting in a 5% increase in prospect to close ratio and increase in revenue of $8,690,400

Concord Hospitality Case Study

Nebraska Based Hospitality organization saved $345,000 in manager turnover, reduced hourly turnover by 32.2% and experienced higher quality service and productivity

Credit Union Case Study

North Carolina-based Credit Union uses PXT to align talent with workplace culture, reduce turnover from 24% to under 10%, retain additional 29 employees and create organizational synergy

Financial Services
Case study

Multinational cash handling corporation uses PXT, Checkpoint 360 and Performance Indicator to develop their leaders, improve communication and reduce turnover and recruitment costs

Wisconsin Bank Customer Service Case Study

PXT helped in selection and training of top performing customer reps, and provided ongoing coaching which increased effectiveness of CSRs, created a customer-centric culture, improved customer satisfaction and reduced turnover by 31.22%

Hospitality Company Case Study

Hotel Property Management company, named Atlanta’s top 10 fastest growing companies, used PXT, Step One Survey and Checkpoint 360 to restructure selection, onboarding and development process, resulting in unprecedented property portfolio growth supported by better management culture, better retention, engagement and organizational culture.

Mountain States
Case Study

Health Alliance represented by 13 hospitals “treats” turnover with PXT by using custom success profiles, cuts turnover by half and realizes $8.2 million in savings on hiring costs

Texas Credit Union Case Study

14th largest Credit union in TX creates a scalable plan for talent selection and development with PXT, increasing engagement and culture fit

Senior Care Case Study

Kentucky-based Senior Care that won the designation of Best Place to work improves recruitment, coaching and retention with PXT, and Step One Survey resulting in 41.2% drop in turnover and savings of $2 million in hiring expenses

Software Company Case Study

Innovative Ohio software company uses PXT and Performance Indicator achieved 0% turnover, improved effectiveness of the hiring process and use assessment reports to develop employees