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CEO Masterminds

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CEO Masterminds - Peer Advisory Group

 “It’s lonely at the top.” This is a commonly expressed sentiment of CEOs and Presidents. “Everyone is counting on you.” Who do YOU count on for new ideas and innovative solutions to the challenges that are unique to your position?

Studies published by Dunn & Bradstreet and other national research firms have shown that business leaders who participate in Mastermind roundtables outpace their competitors by an average of 2.5% to as high as 5%.

Great People Masterminds are invitation-only confidential peer advisory groups that empower members achieve higher levels of success in life and business.

These CEOs are open-minded, big picture thinkers and have a hunger to learn, grow, innovate and help each other through ups and downs of the business cycles.

What You Can Expect


Gain new perspectives by sharing ideas and experiences, stepping back, getting out of the weeds, and working ON your business.


You don’t have to put on a face in this safe, confidential and non-competitive environment.


We use financial and organizational KPIs and peer-conducted SWOT analyses for an added layer of accountability and to track and celebrate your successes.


Discuss meaningful topics such as talent optimization, culture, engagement, communication, team building, succession and more.

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In Person


Meet Tatyana St. Germain
Your Masterminds Chair and Coach

As the founder of Great People Management and Great People Masterminds, I’ve dedicated my career to the study of human behavior, leadership excellence and transformational coaching.

I believe that great organizations start with great people and great leadership. But it doesn’t happen by accident. Our CEO roundtables bring together remarkable leaders who help each other drive higher levels of success in life and business. 

This type of forum is not for everyone and I look forward to speaking with you to learn about your business, answer your questions and find out if we are good fit.   

Ready to work on your business?