Great leaders have Great coaches.

We are your outside trusted accountability partner who can offer new perspectives and challenge routine thinking. Experience our professional coaching services and start working ON your business and on yourself.


Learn to set realistic expectations, delegate responsibilities, see the bigger picture and lead intentional discussions.

Improved Employee Loyalty

Retain employees who benefit from an improved culture, talent development, and change management.


Gain the necessary confidence to make better decisions, clearly communicate, and create positive change as a leader.

Improved Overall Company Performance

Experience faster goal attainment by the team due to better engagement, clear expectations, and better team morale. Level up!

Our 3-Step Coaching Process


Needs & Wants

In order to achieve our client’s unique goals, we establish what needs to be strategically accomplished and why. Whether the leader is looking for a total transformation or a minor adjustment, all coaching goals are specifically aligned with the leader’s values and ideal outcomes.



It is common knowledge that one cannot reach a destination without knowing the point of departure. Comprehensive leadership assessments create self-awareness and define the starting point on a leader’s journey to self-discovery, self-improvement and self-perpetuating growth.


Customized Individual Coaching Plan

All leaders have common challenges, however, every leader is unique in their approach to management, team engagement, accountability and effecting change. Our customized coaching plan is built around the individual leader.

Packages and Pricing

Your organization and its leaders have unique needs, goals, challenges and budgets. Whether you choose to invest in professional coaching sessions or a combination of assessments and coaching, we offer a variety of packages that will match your requirements.

Leadership Assessment Package
  • PXT Select
  • Checkpoint 360
  • Debrief
  • Customized action plan
Leadership Development Package
  • PXT Select
  • Checkpoint 360
  • Debrief
  • Customized action plan
  • 3 coaching sessions
$750per month
  • long-term coaching engagement, 6 months minimum
  • sessions approximately every 2 weeks
  • no assessments included
$1,000per package of 3 sessions
  • no assessments included

Coaching Testimonials