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Customer Service Profile

Securing top-tier customer service for your organization.

Your customer representatives are the face and the voice of your company – they represent your company to customers, clients, and others in your community and broader business network.

The impression they leave will shape perceptions and influence relationships, making their role pivotal in driving your company’s success.

Don’t let a negative customer service experience harm your organization:

Use Customer Service Profile (CSP) to screen and train customer service talent.

CSP uses industry-specific customer service perspectives to ensure that your organization selects, onboards, and manages best-in-class customer service employees that are aligned to YOUR company culture.

How does CSP work?

Develop performance models for customer facing job and define your customer service perspective
Create a performance model and define your gold standard for customer service.
Candidates and/or employees take the assessment
Once candidates receive a link from the HR admin or manager, they can take the assessment online. No supervision is needed, and it works on any device with internet access.
Use insights from the job matching reports to make better hiring, boarding, and training decisions
The system instantly scores the assessment and benchmarks it against the performance model to evaluate the degree of Job-Person Fit. Then the results are provided to the manager

Why assess customer service candidates?

women working in customer service smiling at her monitor

Hiring the wrong person for a customer-facing role can be very expensive.

It includes the cost of the hiring process, cost of onboarding, impact on  productivity, lost revenue , and  potentially irreparable cost to the company’s reputation.

boxes linked with people on them and a hand bringing in another box
two people sitting together with an agenda and a resume on the table
The CSP offers an unbiased insight into the innate traits and values  of your customer service candidates. It’s a great tool to enhance your choices in hiring, promotions, and overall decision-making. Providing managers with these insights improves interviewing, amps up effectiveness and boosts employee performance.

Spotlight on Culture: Customer Service Perspective

How does Customer Service Perspective work?

meeting with seven people pointing/looking at a laptop

How to use the report?

image mockup of a CSP raport

Aside aiding in selection, the Company Service Perspective also helps train employees to match the organization’s customer service standards.

The report lets the company see how well customer service perspectives are aligned at individual, team, and company levels.

Industry Specific Perspectives on serving customers

CSP – General

This solution is targeted toward any position that has a focus on customer service.

Some examples of positions where the CSP-General would be helpful are: 

CSP – Financial Services

This solution is targeted toward: 

in a financial services environment.

CSP – Hospitality

This solution is targeted toward 

in a hospitality environment.

CSP – Retail

This solution is targeted toward 

in a retail environment.

CSP – Health Care

This solution is targeted toward 

in a health care environment.

How do clients use CSP?

Clients use Customer Service Profile to:

woman working in customer service smilling at the camera

What does CSP measure?

CSP measures the following:

four customer service workers looking at their computers