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Data driven employee assessments tools

Companies leverage these tools to pinpoint candidates with the right technical know-how, problem-solving skills, and collaborative mindset for engineering roles.

Their ability to build and operate sophisticated machinery, develop new technologies, analyze complex data, and adapt to changing environments fuels innovation and utimately enhances product quality of everyday items. . .

Investing in a highly capable workforce becomes an imperative strategy for organizations aspiring to excel and lead in the dynamic world of engineering.

Shorter and Cost-Effective Hiring and Selection Cycles:

Hiring assessments can help you identify quality candidates with the right aptitude and personality for the role quickly and effectively while minimizing the cost of bad hires. Reduce your hiring and selection times with streamlined processes driven by data.

Lower Turnover Rate:

Assessments help you match new hires to a job perfectly, align talent with workplace culture, and create organizational synergy, ultimately reducing turnover in your organization.

two aerospace engineers standing in front of a airplane engine
chemical engineer looking at a sample tube

Talent Reshuffle:

Assessment tools help leaders assess future roles, possible promotions, career progressions, and even career changes that make sense for you and your people. Help your people grow, challenge them, develop their skills and then unleash their talents in your organization.

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Create Effective and Efficient Training and Development Programs:

The results from the assessment will serve as the starting point for your development program. Design a program that addresses the weak spots of your people and continue to train and develop your top performers effectively and efficiently.

Waste no time in getting started:

 It’s important to ensure that your new hire is able to quickly transition into their role and feel welcomed and comfortable in their new position. PXT Select can serve as a valuable tool for onboarding, facilitating a quicker and smoother collaboration between the manager and the employee, leading to improved work dynamics and enhanced job effectiveness for the employee.

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