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Leadership Development and Coaching – Grow and Retain Your Leaders

November 7, 2023
Leadership Development and Coaching – Grow and Retain Your Leaders

Best-in-class companies invest in their leaders by taking action on their Leadership Development initiatives since they know that they can’t afford to lose their key leaders. By providing your leaders feedback, growth, and development, you are giving them reasons to stay and inspire the new generation of leaders! Join us for a conversation about leadership development tools and strategies as well as a robust Q&A session where we will address some of the questions we often get from our clients. How do you create a behavioral transformation? How do you break a fixed mindset culture? How do you develop a leader who doesn’t think they need development? And many others.

Key discussion points:

  1. Why retention strategies should include development of employees especially high potentials and key leaders.
  2. Leadership blind spots and feedback tools for self-awareness and growth (identifying and measuring the gaps).
  3. How to make training and development stick?
  4. Executive coaching: what is it and what to look for?
  5. Q&A

Online Event
On November 7, 2023
at: 11:00 AM Central time
Duration: 30 min

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