Tools to Achieve Better Results Through People

September 5, 2023
Tools to Achieve Better Results Through People

A strong balance sheet does not mean you have a strong company. Success, competitiveness, profitability, longevity and legacy of your organization hinges on the resource that is not even listed on the asset side of the ledger – your employees: from CEO and the leadership team all the way to the forklift driver and administrative assistants.

Your people are the backbone of your organization, but they are also the most unpredictable part of the business, making it difficult, time consuming and expensive to find certainly in the performance of your employees, teams and leaders.

Employee assessments help HR leaders and managers gain insights into their people so that they can make better talent decisions. However, not all assessments are created equal. There exists a delicate balance between the value of the information and compliance issues associated with assessment application.

Whether you have vast or limited experience with assessments, this session will provide you with an assessment decision guide that will help you and your team identify the best tools that are right for your organization and your application.

Why is this important? Best in class companies use assessments to make consistently better decisions. Better insights always lead to better and more informed decisions. Better hiring, promotional and coaching decisions ensure the best people are in the jobs for which they are perfect. Great people are the right people in the right jobs with the right tools. Great people are fully engaged, give discretionary effort and achieve incredible results much faster that those who are miscast for their jobs.

Great people build great companies and advance the infinite mission of the company.

Assessments help identify, develop and retain great people.


• Why people are complicated

• Why we need assessments

•Assessment types and when to use them

• a brief overview of key US DOL compliance standards

• Case study

• Assessment decision guide – scorecard

• Q&A

Online Event
On September 5, 2023
at: 11:00 AM Central time
Duration: 45 min

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