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Hire and retain the best

It is vital for companies and hiring managers to select the right person who will excel in today’s rapidly changing financial work environment.

Replace gut feel with highly predictable, data-driven results.

Here’s how assessments can help you leverage people data to attain and develop your people and reduce costs:

Shorter and Cost-Effective Hiring and Selection Cycles:

Hiring assessments can help you identify quality candidates with the right aptitude and personality for the role quickly and effectively while minimizing the cost of bad hires. Reduce your hiring and selection times with streamlined processes driven by data.

Models to Help Predict Future Success:

Whether you’re hiring or promoting, with assessments like PXT Select, with its scientifically validated data, you can predict the candidate’s degree of job fit—helping you select the right person for each role.

Lower Turnover Rate:

Assessments help you match new hires to a job perfectly, align talent with workplace culture, and create organizational synergy, ultimately reducing turnover in your organization.

Talent Reshuffle:

Assessment tools help leaders assess future roles, possible promotions, career progressions, and even career changes that make sense for you and your people. Help your people grow, challenge them, develop their skills and then unleash their talents in your organization.

Create Effective and Efficient Training and Development Programs:

The results from the assessment will serve as the starting point for your development program. Design a program that addresses the weak spots of your people and continue to train and develop your top performers effectively and efficiently.

Increase Effectiveness of Customer Service:

What is your customer service culture? With assessment tools, you can define your expectations for excellent customer service and make sure you select and train people to fit your goals, creating customer-centric culture and ensuring excellent customer experience.

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