Leadership Development

All leaders need opportunities to develop and grow if you want to drive organizational success. Our Leadership 360 and self-awareness tools are a perfect complement to our executive coaching services and to your leadership development strategy.

Why use assessments?

Comprehensive leadership assessments create self-awareness and define the starting point on a leader’s journey to self-discovery, self-improvement and self-perpetuating growth. Assessments help us accelerate tangible results from every development plan and every coaching engagement because they help uncover individual strengths and weaknesses, self-view, how others see the individual, what is their reality, their goals and what is holding them back.


The CheckPoint 360 reports highlight a manager’s observed behaviors in 8 Universal Management Competencies: communication, leadership, adaptability, relationships, task management, production, development of others, and personal development.


PXT Select measures job-related qualities that make a person productive and effective – Thinking and Reasoning Style, Behavioral Traits, and Occupational Interests, and identifies an individual’s strengths and weaknesses to reveal the Total Person.


When leadership development is an organizational priority, 360 evaluations and other assessments combined with leadership coaching can ensure leadership retention and a sustained and transformational growth of all leaders.

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