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Leadership DNA

What is your Leadership DNA?

Have you ever thought about your Leadership DNA? It’s the blueprint of your authentic leadership, what makes you – YOU. You are unique. This is why certain leadership philosophies and strategies that work for some people don’t always work for you.
Be the leader you were designed to be.

Why is it important to discover your Leadership DNA?

You are 3 people: who you think you are, who others think you are and who you REALLY are. Leadership DNA is who you REALLY are as a leader.
A remarkable leader isn't defined by a single trait, but by a myriad of qualities.
Exceptional leadership characteristics are already ingrained within you.
Recognize, cultivate, and utilize your strengths, passions, and life experiences.
Zero in on your weaknesses and develop strategies for mitigating them,
Be the leader you're naturally designed to be. Leadership confidence is a function of being comfortable in yourself.  Self-awareness is a path to confidence.
You can finally have a real and meaningful answer to the overused question “what are your strengths and weaknesses?”
Your unique Leadership DNA impacts your executive presence and your influence throughout your career and life

What is involved in the Leadership DNA experience?

Assess your Leadership DNA with our online leadership assessment tool.
One-on-one 90-minute feedback session focused on discovering your unique leadership style and the strengths and weaknesses that come with your unique approach.

We will discuss how your unique Leadership DNA impacts your choices and effectiveness in many areas of leadership and life:
communication,relationship building, problem solving, accountability and much more

Enhance your leadership skills through better self-awareness – you will walk away knowing exactly who you are as a leader and traits that serve you and those that don’t. This will help you laser-focus on developing areas that are most critical and authentic to you.

When is the best time to go through the Leadership DNA experience?

Leadership skills evaluated in our leadership assessment tool

Our leadership assessment tool, PXT Select, will provide insight into how an individual’s cognitive, behavioral traits, and interest align with six essential leadership skills, revealing their leadership potential.

Creating a vision
Visionary leaders redefine what's achievable, constantly innovating and pushing boundaries to shape the future for their team, organization, and industry.
Inspiring people
Inspiring people centers on creating clarity and unity around ideas. Successful leaders communicate with enthusiasm for new ventures, persuading colleagues, superiors, and subordinates alike of the value of their cause or rationale.
Developing strategies
Strategic leadership means transforming goals and ideas into innovative, actionable plans tailored to an organization's resources and challenges, driving meaningful change when necessary.
Being approachable
Leaders who are easy to approach empower their team to seek clarity, address concerns, and share ideas freely. They welcome feedback and boost morale by ensuring everyone feels valued and heard.
Ensuring results
Effective leaders guarantee results by prioritizing organizational objectives and ensuring their accurate and efficient execution. They set the work pace and uphold high standards of quality across their teams.
Mentoring others
Successful leaders understand that mentoring is an investment in the organization's future. They assist team members in honing their skills, expanding their networks, and boosting their confidence to perform better, thus nurturing the next wave of leaders.

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