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SOS is a risk management and integrity tool (based on attitudinal measurements) that can be used for all positions within your organization.

It is a structured, compliant and consistent interview tool that objectively gathers essential information about a job candidate’s attitudes, as well as history of risky workplace behavior, use of drugs and alcohol, reliability, and trust with the company’s proprietary information and confidential data.


The survey examines attitudes regarding integrity, personal reliability, drug use, and work ethic. Results are presented in an easy-to-read report, which includes a section with ADA and EEOC compliant interview questions to help identify the best candidates while reducing potential litigation risks. Step One Survey does not produce adverse impact on protected groups and is compliant with all DOL and EEOC guidelines for assessment and testing, including the “Ban the Box” legislation.

Reduce your risks with SOS

When SOS information is used in combination with data from PXT, the information helps organizations avoid bad hires, and thereby reduce the risks associated with poor performance, insubordination, conflict and employee-related costs.

Other Solutions

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