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To Celebrate 10 Great Years in Business

Great People Management is offering a FREE, no obligation job study of one key position in your organization.

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The offer is up to $5,000 value and is limited for only a few companies that qualify!

Why we are doing free job studies?

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So we need YOUR HELP! participate in a FREE Job Study today!

What do your BEST people do differently?

We know that people fail not due to lack of technical skills – they fail (and leave) because they either don’t collaborate, connect, cross function or communicate well.

Often their values don’t match your company values. The reasons are numerous and rarely obvious. You are missing the human factor!

What do your BEST people do differently? Let’s find out! At NO COST to you!

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This will help not only your company but the business community in your industry understand the workforce changes and what success looks like in the future in those critical positions.

Benefit to you:

What’s the catch?

🎁 No catch. It’s a FREE no obligation job analysis of one key position in your organization or department.

✨ The FREE Job Study offer is up to $5,000 value and is limited to companies that qualify for the study. Information gathered has to be representative and beneficial to the business community. 

🖥 It helps us build a database of customized benchmarks of success in key roles in our area.

What is involved?

Decide which position you want to study and understand
Identify several top performers in that role

We need a few hours of your top performers’ time to take an online talent assessment, called PXT Select.

We will measure the top performers in your company, understand what drives their success, and build models of success based on that data

What do you get?

Our thanks, of course, AND your deliverables:
At Great People Management we help companies avoid bad hires, improve retention and reduce HR costs by adding talent assessment data to the process of hiring, onboarding and development.
We use PXT Select for this job study because it is the only assessment on the market capable of capturing the occupational DNA of top employees and then allowing us to use this information for job matching in a predictive, scalable and cost-effective way. 

Top 20%

With PXT Select, you can measure and  understand what drives success, and build models of success based on that data. PXT Select users consistently hire the top 20% of candidates and ensure a win-win hiring outcome every time. 

This is a unique opportunity to participate in a job study of YOUR key position to benchmark success completely FREE of charge or obligation. If you are interested in helping us benchmark a critical role in your industry, please contact us today to see if you qualify.