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Team Development

“Teamwork makes the dream work” is not just a catchy phrase and it is even more relevant today as it was the day John Maxwell first used it his 2002 book.

Whether your team operates in an office, hybrid or remote environment, working on a highly functioning and accountable team leads to predictably greater results, happier workplace and better employee retention.

Team Development is the main focus of our team assessments and workshops, which provide participants with actionable and relevant insights into individual strengths, talents and differences so that team members can communicate better, learn how to complement each other and achieve greater results faster – even under pressure. 



Sarah Parlett, VP of HR
“Our management team has been discussing creating a culture of accountability, and developing the necessary skills and behaviors in ourselves and in our teams. Tatyana was able to use our goals and business philosophy as a framework for the workshop to tailor it to our needs. Not only did we get to know ourselves and our team better, we now have a deeper understanding of the wealth of information the PXT provides. Fully utilizing the PXT Select reports will help us to select top talent in the right position, know our teams on a deeper level to provide individualized coaching, and create the culture of accountability we seek.”
John Freeze, CEO
"Completing the PXT team workshop with Tatyana provided employees and management with a better understating and appreciation for individual personalities. After the team workshop, employees felt an improved comfort-level with each other which also boosted confidence levels within our group. From a management perspective, it taught us how to apply realistic expectations per employee to improve our overall workflows and efficiencies."
Alpa Minott, Operations Manager
“We are so grateful to have found Great People Management. We were able to help the team understand each other better. As the manager of the company it also allowed me to better understand and communicate with the staff."
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Weaknesses are made irrelevant when you work in a complementary team

One of the most significant benefits of the PXT Select is that a manager can know themselves and know each member of their department. But knowing yourself and knowing your people is not enough; you need to use that information to maximize your working relationship with each member of your group, as individuals and as a cohesive unit.

PXT Select customers can easily identify behaviors, talents, and disciplines that are essential to fulfilling, productive teamwork.

PXT Team Report will map out your team’s characteristics scale by scale, providing you with the data you need to capitalize on both their similarities and their differences. The Team Report also provides you with relevant insights, taking the guesswork out of how to manage your people individually and navigate behaviors as a team.

Here’s How It Works

If you are ready to discover what it’s like to work on a complementary, collaborative and accountable team, and how to achieve it, schedule your FREE consultation.

This is why in addition to the comprehensive 45-minute assessment, we conduct a 90-minute Team Workshop where we navigate the PXT Team Report to map out your team’s characteristics scale by scale, providing you with the data you need to capitalize on both individual similarities and differences.



Gain deeper self-awareness and knowledge of personal strengths and limitations

Be better equipped to identify and mitigate potential interpersonal conflicts and difficulties

Have deeper understanding of the team’s differences and similarities and how team members fit together

Apply tangible and relevant insights to work better together and solve problems

Have a Team Report for each team member and access to additional reports at no cost: Coaching report, Leadership report, Manager-Employee report

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